1652 Massachusetts Pine Tree Shilling

The Pine Tree coinage (1667-1682) was introduced after the Oak Tree series. The first Pine Tree shillings (1667-1674) were made the same size as the Oak Tree shillings, also known as the large planchet Pine Tree Shilling. Subsequent issues (1675-1682) were made the same size as English shillings. Today they are known as the small planchet Pine Tree Shilling.

This series continued to use the date of 1652, the date when Massachusetts coinage was first authorized.

1652 Large Planchet Pine Tree Shilling Replica by Peter J. Rosa

This coin is as shown in Whitman Encyclopedia of Colonial and Early American Coins #W690, Pg. 45. 1 and 12-I in Croby’s  Early Coins of America

Rosa’s coin is nearly round while the original coins were often irregular.

Diameter: 27 mm at its largest area.

The Pine Tree Shillings that Rosa first made did not have anything stamped on the rim. Later in the mid 1960’s he stamped copy on the rim. Becker was added in 1968 when Rosa was commissioned to make sets of Early American coins for Time Life Corporation. All the Time Life Pine Tree Shilling  coins produced by Rosa had Becker and copy stamped on the rim.

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